Monday, July 19, 2010

July - Hot Hot Hot !!!!!!

Living in the Phoenix, AZ area this time of year is tough. You really have to love the heat or love the air conditioning. My piece is created with mostly orange, reds and yellow. Using these color lets me show how the heat impacts me. The other color beads are a wash of colors and do I feel washed out being in the heat. I am complaining but it will stop quickly when I think of years ago living in the midwest and having to shovel snow. Ahhhh there I feel better.


  1. Ahhh yes, MN winters...

    Beautiful feather, Corinne!!!! It's lively, hot and happy! Great photo!!!

  2. Im right there with you, don't like the heat or a/c and beading about it would help. I like your orange and red beaded outline, looks like it's twisted. Lovely piece! (and photo ;)

  3. I love the shapes of yur work. You do really well with all the different textures and colors of beads. I like that you are using all the same shapes. Very fun. Julie C