Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May - Transition

This month was full of changes for me. The greater appreciation for my mom, my husband and myself. Looking at what was really important to me an following through. No stressing over all that I cannot control. Moving on with love, positive mindset and an open mind on what doors are opening and which ones I should walk through.

April - Chakra

I finally sat down and completed my April BJP. A little late but completed. I started with colored beads going from top to bottom with colors as close to the chakra colors as I could. April was a month of meeting new people and handling new challenges and choices for my future. I also, had the pleasure of my mom coming to visit for a couple of weeks.

I planted rose bushes and other flowering plants in order to allow me the time of being one with nature. I love gardening but, the climate is so harsh in the Phoenix summers it is difficult for anything other than cactus to survive.